Layered Fragrance Rose & Muguet Diffuser 100ml


Diffuser that enjoys the scent of each space. By using different fragrances for the entrance, living room, and bedroom, you can satisfy the luxury of every corner of your life. The diffuser has a capacity of 100ml and you can enjoy the scent for about 1-2 months. If you turn the stick over every week, you can enjoy the fragrance longer and more firmly.

Rose & Muguet: Clean and gentle Muguet and pretty and feminine roses create an elegant impression. The most versatile fragrance along with lemon peel. You can use it anywhere. 清潔で優しいミュゲと可憐で女性らしいローズがエレガントな印象を演出します。レモンピールと並んで最も汎用性の高い香り。場所を選ばず使えます。


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