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LE CREUSET X MICKEY & MINNIE MOUSE Collaboration Collection Mug Cup Set of 2/380ml 日本LE CREUSET米奇米妮联名款马克杯组合


Product Feature:

LE CREUSET X MICKEY MOUSE Collaboration Collection

Pair mug set that can be used not only for tea time but also as a soup mug

A set of two mugs featuring a Minnie Mouse wearing a polka-dot skirt and Mickey Mouse sporting red pants on a black torso. The adorable shape is appealing since it creates a picture just by being placed on the table. The mug set that you wish to use side by side may be used as a soup mug in addition to for tea. Mickey and Minnie Mouse's silhouettes are a one-point accent on the inside.

Stoneware from Le Creuset offers exceptional heat and cold resistance, making it perfect for a variety of microwave cooking scenarios, including freezing and refrigeration. Along with its style and color, it has attractive durability and utility.


Diameter (including handle) |9 × 13.5cm
Height |7.5cm
Capacity |380ml x2
Weight |370g x2

Compatible Equipment:

  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerate
  • Steamer



日本LE CREUSET米奇米妮联名款马克杯组合


美观可爱的同时兼具了来自Le Creuset的石器具有卓越的耐热性和耐寒性,使其非常适合各种微波炉烹饪的情况,包括冷冻和冷藏。


直径(包括手柄) | 12.5(16)厘米
高度(包括盖子) | 4.5 (6) 厘米
容量 | 250毫升
重量 | 430克




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