LEADERS Pore Tightening Pad 50 Pads/Box 丽得姿 毛孔弹力爽肤棉片 50片/盒


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LEADERS Pore Tightening Pad

Revolutionize Your Skincare Routine with Leaders Pore Tightening Pad

Unlock the secret to flawless skin with Pore Tightening Pad, meticulously designed to target the core concerns of combination skin, especially for the 20-30 age demographic. Each pad is a powerhouse of pore-perfecting prowess, offering triple-action improvement in pore area, depth, and number, while significantly enhancing skin elasticity. This product comes in a mini square container, including 50 pads soaked in 170ml of potent, vegan-certified solution.

Our unique square embossed and plain double-sided fabric pads, engineered for dual use, allow you to gently exfoliate or deeply absorb according to your skin's needs. Infused with a patented ingredient for unmatched pore tightening efficacy, small molecule collagen, and peptide ingredients, it promotes collagen synthesis and tightens enlarged pores for a visibly refined complexion.

Volume: 170 ml / 50 Pads

Key Benefits:

  • Triple-action pore improvement and enhanced skin elasticity
  • Vegan-certified and eco-friendly fabrication
  • Customized care for combination skin with a derma-safe formula
  • Mini square container for space-efficient storage
  • Clinically proven efficacy with a non-irritating formula

Main Ingredients:

  • Leaders Patented Pore Ingredient:Efficacy in inhibiting sebum secretion and wrinkle formation 
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen: A crucial skin component found in the dermis layer, enhances skin absorption with small molecule collagen under 300Da
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8Often referred to as 'Botox in a bottle,' this ingredient aids in improving skin elasticity

How to Use:

Gently wipe your skin with the embossed side following the skin texture. For concentrated pore care, place the plain side on the skin for 3-5 minutes.

*Made in Korea

丽得姿 毛孔弹力爽肤棉片


丽得姿毛孔弹力爽肤棉解锁完美肌肤的秘密,该垫经过精心设计,针对混合性皮肤的核心问题,特别是针对 20-30 岁年龄段的人群。 每块垫片均具有完美毛孔功效,可三重改善毛孔面积、深度和数量,同时显着增强皮肤弹性。 该产品采用迷你方形容器包装,其中包括 50 个浸泡在 170 毫升强效、纯素食认证溶液中的垫片。

独特的方形压花和平纹双面布垫专为双重用途而设计,可让您根据皮肤的需要轻轻去角质或深层吸收。 蕴含具有无与伦比的毛孔紧致功效的专利成分、小分子胶原蛋白和肽成分,可促进胶原蛋白合成并收紧粗大毛孔,使肤色明显精致。

容量:170 毫升/50 片


  • 三重功效改善毛孔、增强皮肤弹性
  • 经素食认证且环保的制造
  • 采用皮肤安全配方,为混合性皮肤提供定制护理
  • 迷你方形容器,节省空间存储
  • 经临床验证的无刺激配方功效


  • 丽得姿专利毛孔成分:具有抑制皮脂分泌和皱纹形成的功效
  • 水解胶原蛋白:真皮层中的重要皮肤成分,300Da 以下的小分子胶原蛋白可增强皮肤吸收
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8:通常被称为“瓶中肉毒杆菌”,该成分有助于改善皮肤弹性


用压花面顺着皮肤纹理轻轻擦拭皮肤。 如需集中护理毛孔,请将素面放在皮肤上 3-5 分钟。



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