LEADERS Vita Blemish Pad 80 Pads/Box 丽得姿 亮白淡斑爽肤棉片 80片/盒


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Illuminate Your Skin with Vita Blemish Pad

Elevate your evening skincare ritual with Vita Blemish Pad, your ally against blemish spots and uneven skin tone. With 80 pads drenched in 120ml of light pink essence, this product harnesses the power of FDA-approved niacinamide and a synergy of glutathione and ascorbic acid to deliver a potent brightening effect.

The square derma pads, ideal for the 20-30 age group with sensitive skin, feature a fresh, moist essence that revitalizes dull skin, improving skin color uniformity and luminosity. The compact, square container is designed for convenience and efficiency, making it a must-have in your skincare arsenal.

Volume: 120 ml / 80 Pads

Key Benefits:

  • Powerful skin whitening and brightening efficacy
  • Improves skin tone and color uniformity
  • Vegan-certified gauze fabric for gentle exfoliation
  • Systematic clinical design for guaranteed results
  • Safe for sensitive skin with a gentle, irritant-free formula

Main Ingredients:

  • Niacinamide:An FDA-approved whitening functional ingredient
  • Glutathione: Suppresses melanin production, effectively improving dark spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Ascorbic Acid: Offers brightening efficacy as a pure Vitamin C ingredient

How to Use:

Smoothly wipe the skin with the pad following the skin texture. For targeted care on blemish spots, stretch the pad and place it on the concerned area for 3-5 minutes.

*Made in Korea

丽得姿 亮白淡斑爽肤棉片


使用亮白淡斑爽肤棉片提升您的晚间护肤习惯,它是您对抗斑点和肤色不均的盟友。 该产品含有 80 片浸有 120 毫升浅粉色精华的垫片,利用 FDA 批准的烟酰胺的功效以及谷胱甘肽和抗坏血酸的协同作用,提供强效的亮白效果。

方形真皮垫非常适合 20-30 岁敏感肌肤年龄层,含有清新、滋润的精华,可恢复暗沉肌肤的活力,改善肤色均匀度和光泽度。 紧凑的方形容器专为方便和高效而设计,使其成为您护肤品库中的必备品。

容量:120 毫升/80 片


  • 强大的美白提亮功效
  • 改善肤色和颜色均匀度
  • 经素食认证的纱布面料,温和去角质
  • 系统的临床设计保证结果
  • 配方温和、无刺激,适合敏感肌肤


  • 烟酰胺:FDA批准的美白功能成分
  • 谷胱甘肽:抑制黑色素生成,有效改善黑斑和色素沉着
  • 抗坏血酸:作为纯维生素 C 成分,具有美白功效


用棉片顺着皮肤纹理平滑地擦拭皮肤。 要针对斑点进行针对性护理,请拉伸垫并将其放在相关区域 3-5 分钟。



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