Leanani Plus Extra Curl Volume Mascara (Bronze Brown) 日本Leanani Plus 极致纤细卷翘睫毛膏 (青铜棕) 6g


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Leanani Plus Extra Curl Volume Mascara

This water-resistant mascara can stand up to tears, sweat, and humidity all day without smudging or budging. This is fiber infused mascare gives your lashes a natural curl and makes them appear longer. The brush is spaced farther apart than the long type, more mascare flows onto the brush and is applied to the lashes for a voluminous lash look. It contain 5 kinds of beauty ingredient (hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed silk, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed collagen, panthenol).


日本Leanani Plus 极致纤细卷翘睫毛膏

这款防水睫毛膏可以全天候抵御眼泪、汗水和湿气,不会弄脏或变形。 含丰富纤维的睫毛膏,可让您的睫毛自然卷曲并显得更长。 刷子比长型刷子间隔更远,可让更多的睫毛膏集中到刷子上并涂抹在睫毛上,营造出浓密的睫毛外观。 含有5种美容成分(水解角蛋白、水解蚕丝、透明质酸钠、水解胶原蛋白、泛醇)。


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