Lecura Organic Baby Soap 日本LECURA 婴儿天然纯净洋甘菊洗发沐浴露 300ml


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Lecura Organic Baby Soap

- A full-body baby soap that can wash your hair and body and comes out with foam

- It containing 4 kinds of organic plant-derived ingredients including organic chamomile extract and ceramide.

- Uses olive-derived cleansing ingredients to prevent rough skin and keep the skin healthy.

日本LECURA 婴儿天然纯净洋甘菊洗发沐浴露

- 婴儿冲头到脚都可以用的沐浴露,可以洗头发和洗身体,而且会产生泡沫

- 含有有机洋甘菊提取物和神经酰胺等4种有机植物成分。

- 使用橄榄衍生的清洁成分,防止皮肤粗糙,保持皮肤健康。


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