LG H&H Re:Tune Red Pomegranate Collagen 28 Packs 韓國LG H&H Re:Tune 小红条石榴鱼胶原蛋白果味饮料 28包/盒


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LG H&H Re:Tune Red Pomegranate Collagen

  • Uses only high quality low molecular weight collagen peptide extracted from fish scales to faciliate absoprtion in the body
  • Contains 71% of pomegranate concentrate known to promote collagen synthesis and anti-aging effects
  • In one packet, it contains half amount of one pomegranate!
  • Added vitamin C and hyaluronic acid for beauty supplement
  • Easy-to-take liquid type


    Take one sachet per day.

    *PRODUCT OF Korea

    韓國LG H&H Re:Tune 小红条石榴鱼胶原蛋白果味饮料

    • 只使用从鱼鳞中提取的优质低分子胶原蛋白肽,促进体内吸收
    • 含有 71% 的石榴浓缩物,已知可促进胶原蛋白合成和抗衰老作用
    • 一包里面有半个石榴!
    • 添加维他命C和玻尿酸美容补品
    • 容易服用的液体型





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