LG REEN Hair Darkening Treatment (Natural Brown) 韩国LG 睿嫣染发遮白护发素 (自然棕色) 150ml


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LG REEN Hair Darkening Treatment

Use it like your usual treatment, wait 3 minutes, and then wash off!

LG's unique patented technology (containing 25,000ppm of black tint complex) combines color and nutrients to the hair and lasts for a long time.

What is Black Tint Complex?

It refers to safflower and gardenia ingredients that have been used as dyeing ingredients since ancient times, including LG's proprietary polyphenol ingredients, and nutritional ingredients for scalp and hair.

It is a reliable product that obtained the Excellent certification mark in a test conducted according to the guidelines of 'Original Dermatest'.

Sulfate Surfactant not added
Paraben(Ethyl, Methyl, Propyl, Butyl-paraben) not added
20 kinds of chemical components are not added.

韩国LG 睿嫣染发遮白护发素

护理像往常一样使用,等待 3 分钟然后洗掉!

LG 独特的专利技术(含有 25,000 ppm 的黑色调复合物)将颜色和营养结合到头发上,并持续很长时间。


按照“Original Dermatest”指导方针进行的测试中获得了优秀认证标志,是值得信赖的产品。



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