LIBERTA Baby Foot 60mins Original Deep Skin Exfoliation(FOR MEN) 1pair 男士 脚膜去死皮老茧嫩脚后跟干裂去脚皮脚部去死皮足膜 30cm 一盒两片 一次用


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Directions(Each pair of plastic booties are for a single use application)
  1. After cleansing your feet,put the plastic booties on both feet and secure the booties around each ankle using the enclosed pieces of adhesive tape.
  2. Leave your legs in the plastic booties for one hour to allow product to absorb
  3. After one hour,remove the plastic booties and wash your feet with soap
  4. The dead skin cells will begin to peel from 5-7days after the initial application
  5. The dead skin cells could continue to peel naturally up to two weeks,depending on the amount of dead skin on the feet,leaving your feet soft and smooth,just like a baby's foot.

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