LIBERTA Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel 60 Minutes Treatment (Size M) 脚膜去死皮

  • 2 socks, 35ml each
  • 6 pieces of tape
  • Made in Japan
  • Suitable for Women (sizes 4-12)/ Men (sizes 4-11)

Liberta Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peal is a Japanese foot pack that, with simple and easy steps, makes your dry, rough and cracked feet smooth and moisturized like baby ones.

By soaking your feet into the baby foot gel lotion, the fruits acid (alpha hydroxy acid) in the gel emollient cuticles and the skins will start peeling away after 2 to 10 days of your first treatment.

(It depends on a person how and when peeling will start. The skin is peeled away as you walk in your daily life)

Along with fruits acid, which is known for its peeling effect, the gel in the foot pack features 17 kinds of moisturizing plant derived extracts.

The difference between the 60min and 30min treatment are;

    1. The aroma for 30 min is Mandarin Orange, and for 60 min is Jasmine Apple.
    2. With 60min treatment, the gel goes deeper into the skin, and its recommended for people who have quite hard and rough heels. 
    3. For 30min treatment, its recommended for people who is using this baby foot as regular treatment and for people who are just too busy to try 60min one.


    Very easy steps with non-painful treatment.

    Before using:

    2 days before use, try patch testing with the gel in a small bag that comes in the box with the products.

    Put the patch testing gel on top part of your feet, and wait. (Patch testing should be done in the same duration of the time as the treatment you purchase. )

    Wash the gel away and wipe the skin gently. Observe the skin where you tested, and do not use this product if there is any unusual problems on your skin.

    When using:

    1: Open the top of the foot pack with scissors and wear the pack. Close the pack with tapes attached with the product making sure your toes and ankles are fit to the pack and are aligned with your feet shape. 

    2: Wait for 60 minutes. You can go get your drinks, go for a bathroom and walk around little bit but it's recommended to relax not moving much with tv or books. You can wear socks on top of the packs if you are cold. 

    3: After 60 minutes, take off the pack and wash the gel away thoroughly with soap. 

    It depends on a person, but the skin starts getting white and dry after 2-7 days and the whole skin gets pealed off after 2-3 weeks.

    When you do not see much result, it is recommended to try again after 1 month.



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