LIBERTA Himecoto Shiro Yobi Hime Wrinkleless Putty Hand Cream 30g 白姬 无痕美人指霜 30g

LIBERTA Himecoto Shiro Yobi Hime Wrinkleless Putty Hand Cream


No wrinkles just by applying it quickly * 1 , "White Yubihime" for finger beauty
When your favorite nails are completed, wrinkles are surprisingly noticeable when you take a picture to post it online! It's a hassle to do something with processing! Hand skin where wrinkles become noticeable year by year due to age and sunburn. But anyway, I want to keep my hands clean when I put out my hands.
I want you to use himecoto Shirayubihime in such a case. No wrinkles due to the effect of micro powder * 2 * 1 For fingers. The effect of white powder * 3 improves skin tone. Fullerene * 4 and cosmetological ingredients make hand care even better!

* 1 Due to makeup effect * 2 Acrylate cross polymer * 3 Titanium oxide * 4 Moisturizing

Wrinkle-free * 1 Mechanism for beautiful hands
The wrinkle grooves on the skin are usually exposed to light, creating shadows that are visible to the eye. If you apply this white yubihime, the micro powder * 2 will fill the groove firmly and the white powder * 3 will cover it to hide the wrinkles and eliminate the shadows, so you can have a beautiful smooth skin!

Fill wrinkles with micro powder * 1
Fine particle powder * 1 perfectly fills the wrinkle grooves on the hands and diffuses the light, giving the impression of smooth and smooth skin!

Hide pores with white powder * 2
White particle powder * 2 coats hands more beautifully. It also corrects the unevenness of the pores to white.

For firm and moisturized elastic skin
Fullerene * 3 , which has excellent antioxidant power and is well blended in beauty essence, and squalane * 3, which is familiar to the skin, make your hands firm and moisturized.

UV effect protects hands from UV rays
Cuts UV rays that cause wrinkles! Protects hands and skin from UV rays that cause aging.

Non-greasy and smooth feel
Although it is a creamy cream, it is not sticky and has a smooth feel. If you apply it, it will be smooth and smooth on your hands in no time.

Wrinkles and age spots on hands increased with age
As we get older, the number of people who are worried about wrinkles and blemishes on their fingers is increasing year by year due to the damage caused by sunburn. If you are a little worried, please try using White Yubihime before giving up 

Wrinkled hands are embarrassing in the hospitality business
I think that there are many people who work in public. When you touch it with your finger or hand it over, the other person's line of sight naturally comes to your finger. Before worrying, Princess White Yubi. Please give it a try 

How to use
Easy to use!
Just apply it to the areas where you are concerned about wrinkles on your fingers and back of your hands. If you apply it firmly to fill the wrinkles, it will make your skin smooth and smooth.

白姬 无痕美人指霜

只需快速涂抹即可消除皱纹,“ 无痕美人指霜”可用于手指美容
这种情况下使用himecoto Shirayubihime。由于微粉的作用而没有皱纹 1对于手指。白色粉末的效果可改善肤色。富勒烯和美容成分使手部护理变得更好!












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