[2019 WINTER LIMITED EDITION] SANA Nameraka Soy Milk Love! Skin Lotion (2 Types) 300ML


Combined luxurious skin ingredients. Plump moist skin! 
In addition to soy milk fermented essence * 3 containing isoflavone * 2 extracted by a smooth concentration process, skin condition ingredients * 3 such as soybean seed extract and soy protein are compounded. It leads to plump moisture. 

  • no coloring and mineral oil free

● Smooth 
Soy milk lotion. Moisturizes without stickiness, leads to smooth skin. 
Give elasticity and moisture to the skin.

● Moist 
Soy milk moisturizing lotion. Gives a comfortable feeling, giving you smooth skin. 
Gives elasticity and moisture to the bare skin, and plumps the skin.


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