Amino Mason

[LIMITED EDITION] AMINO MASON AMINO MASON VOL.4 Sakura Shampoo & Treatment [Moist] (450ML X 2) 樱花限定洗护滋润型


Try the new thing in hair care! Experience new hair care revolution with proprietary Super Amino Acids Complex Formula. Hair is made of up amino acids, so why not replenish it back with it? Non-silicon shampoo that foams up like whipped cream, gently cleanses scalp and hair with botanical amino acids. Amino acids which are key components of the hair, repairs damages and balances moisture level. 

AMINO MASON Whip Cream Shampoo 450ml 
Botanical amino acid based surfactant and botanical cleansing ingredients froths up just like whipped cream to protect hair from friction caused during shampooing while gently washing off dirt and oil. Scalp is cleansed and hydrated. 

AMINO MASON Milk Cream Treatment Moist 450ml 
Damage repairing treatment formulated with smooth milk cream to heal and restore hair damaged by perms, bleaching, sun damage, etc. Delivers plenty of hydration to each strand from root to tip for softer, smoother hair. 

18 kinds of amino acid for hydration & damage repair 
Pearl protein, Manuka honey, mango oil, almond oil, argan oil for hydration 
Free of sulfate, mineral oil, synthetic dyes and petroleum based surfactant 
PH balanced

樱花限定洗护套装 蕴含植物性氨基酸洗净成分和清洁成分 温和洗净油脂和污垢 清洁秀发 告别干枯 像果汁瓶一样的包装让人一眼爱上 味道也很好闻 这个是限定的樱花味 洗完头发清爽蓬松 非常舒服 而且它弱酸性无矿物油 原料基本都是植物精华 加上牛奶成分让头发吸收蛋白质 就算一直烫头发染头发的受损发质 用了之后头发也像是得到了新生 清洁力也毋庸置疑 油脂头屑也可以轻松搞定 配合护发素使用 在有效温和清洁的同时还能滋润修护好我们的头发 干燥季节也会觉得自己是顺滑发质的小仙女 墙裂推荐~ 清爽型和滋润型两种可选


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