【Limited Edition】OHANA MAHAALO EDT Perfume 限量 梦游海豚 淡香水 10ml

  • Blend:Marine essence,Floral jasmine,Musk
  • Eau de Toilette that continue fragrance than cologne. We recommend for you who want to enjoy a longer fragrance.
  • Naia means "Dolphin" Nal means "Wave" Kai means "Sea".Dolphins playing with coral leaning to the comfortable waves in the beautiful sea like jewelry. Marine essence shining in turquoise color, floral jasmine blooming in the ocean, musk gathering like a wave. It is a soft summer sea scent.
  • 香调:海洋精华,花香茉莉,麝香
  • 淡香水比古龙香水更持久。 我们建议您想要享受更长的香味。
  • Naia的意思是“海豚”Nal意为“Wave”Kai意为“海”。海豚玩珊瑚倾向于在美丽的大海中舒适的波浪像珠宝。 海洋精华闪耀着绿松石色,花香茉莉花在海洋中绽放,麝香像波浪一样聚集。 这是一种柔和的夏日海水香味。


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