【Limited Edition】OHANA MAHAALO Smooth&Moist Fragrance Body Scrub #Naia nalukai 限量 梦游海豚 去角质磨砂膏 120g

  • Fragrance: Ocean, Jasmine, Musk
  • The moisturizing molasses ingredient, combined with more than 6 kinds of natural botanical extracts, contains 5 kinds of vegetable oils with excellent emollient ingredients, which make the skin soft and moisturized after exfoliation.
  • Contains natural icing sugar such as lactose, caramel, sucrose, and added - natural vegetable oil: squalane, olive oil, shea butter, macadamia nut, almond seed oil; plant moisturizing extract: hibiscus extract, pineapple extract, Papaya extract, sugar cane extraction
  • How to use: Take a proper amount on the skin. After rubbing with water, let the natural formula of molasses rub on the skin and then melt away, taking away the old keratin.
  • 香调:海洋调、茉莉、麝香
  • 具保湿能力的糖蜜成分,配合6种以上的天然植物萃取精华,含5种具优异润肤成分的植物油,让去完角质后肌肤柔润保湿。
  • 含乳糖、焦糖、蔗糖等天然糖霜,并添加—天然植物油:角鲨烷、橄榄油、乳油木果油、澳洲坚果油、杏仁种子油;植物保湿萃取精华:芙蓉花萃取、凤梨萃取、番木瓜萃取、甘蔗萃取
  • 使用方式:取适量于肌肤上,沾水后以螺旋方式让糖蜜的天然配方在肌肤上摩擦后融化,带走老旧角质。

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