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[LIMITED EDITION] TEETH LAB PREMIUM Botanical White Cherry Blossom Mint Toothpaste 60G


Please enjoy special oral care with the new limited spring flavor of Cherry Blossom mint, with the fragrance of sweet and fresh cherry as well as the beauty of the package.

A natural, botanical, vegan, and dentist approved tooth paste with no fluoride! Teeth Lab takes care of your oral health in 3 ways. White soap nuts & Papain enzyme cleanses and tackles stain in your teeth for a whiter smile. Phytoncide which is found from trees, and Teeth Lab's proprietary science, combine to break down & deodorize odor. Lastly, 6 botanical extracts such as chamomile and calendula coat teeth to prevents teeth from drying which is the cause of odor and stains, and creates a coat to protect from any new stains. 

*Premium  is formulated with twice the whitening ingredients(Polyphosphate Na, Metaphosphate Na, Hydroxyapatite)

  • Botanical formula without fluoride, silicon, natural or synthetic dyes, animal derived ingredients, dental abrasives, mineral oil, talc, fluorescent agent and bleach
  • Polyphosphate Na, Metaphosphate Na, Hydroxyapatite for effective whitening
  • Forest mint flavor

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