Lion 狮王

LION Smile Cosmetique Teeth Whitening Strips 6 Packs/Sets 狮王 Smile Cosmetique牙齿美白贴片 6套/盒


LION Smile Cosmetique Teeth Whitening Strips

Smile Cosmetique Whitening Treatment Film is being ranked as the Cosme No.1 Teeth Whitening Product! Instantly transforms your smile! This Whitening file has been specifically developed to provide: An immediate whitening boost – 1 1/2 shades whiter after only one treatment using the teeth whitening film. Start to whiten teeth and remove stains the minute they come in contact with your teeth. The hydrogen peroxide-free formula is based on an innovative and enamel friendly whitening ingredient that removes stains and safely whitens natural teeth.

How to Use
Clean your teeth and pat dry before apply. Fit it on your teeth for about 3-5 minutes then take it off. Brush your teeth like normal after that. It is recommended that this treatment should be carried out 2-3 times a week.


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