Lion 狮王

LION Smile Cosmetique Tooth Whitening Paste 狮王 Smile Cosmetique 牙齿美白牙膏 85ML


Smile Cosmetique Whitening Paste Trouble Care for whitening and periodontal disease.

Fresh herb mint flavor

Smile Cosmetique Stain Removal Whitening Agent recommended by Japan COSME! It attacks surface and deep tooth staining with active whitening formula for daily use. It also strengthens and remineralises teeth. For an intensely shining smile that is strong as iron. This tooth paste effectively eliminates the bacteria that cause bad breath while leaving your mouth feeling fresh and clean. The daily and prolonged use of a specifically designed whitener that does not damage tooth enamel can help to restore the natural whiteness of teeth.

Effects and efficacy:

- Whitens teeth

- Prevents dentin sensitivity

- Prevents cavities

- Prevents bad breath

- Cleanses and refreshes mouth

- Prevents gum inflammation

- Eliminate cigarette stains



- Remove the outer cap press the nozzle for about 8-10 times for first time usage.

- As the toothpaste is soft, press the nozzle slowly to pump out an appropriate amount (about 0.4ml) 

on your toothbrush. Rinse and spit out after use.


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