LITS Moisture HA Booster Ball 6 pcs 凛希 胶原蛋白浓缩美容液精华球 6枚


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LITS Moisture HA Booster Ball

dissolve in lotion to make a thick and rich beauty essence. Concentrated collagen balls containing plant stem cell-derived ingredients and freeze-dried.

For skin that wants moisture and luster. Concentrated collagen x plant stem cell-derived component 

1. Apple fruit cell culture extract (moisturizing)
2. Hydrolyzed collagen (moisturizing)

How to use:

1. One moisturizing ball is for one time (one day). Please use immediately after opening the cup.

2. Moisturizing balls are easily dissolved in water, so use them with dry hands.

3. Use on clean skin after face wash. Take one moisturizing ball into your dry hands.

4. Add Ritz's lotion or your own lotion and dissolve slowly while mixing with your fingers.

5. Gently spread over the entire face and let it blend in. Hold it slowly with both hands and let it penetrate firmly.

Note: After use, apply beauty essence or cream as needed. It will be even more effective if you continue to use it for 6 days.


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