LITS WHITE Brightening Mask 植物干细胞美白集中护理面膜

Brightening mask of white plant stem cell derived ingredient formulation.
Focus carefully on the parts that are concerned with the double mask of the seat mask and the intensive care sheet, and guide it to the glossy skin that gives a shining impression. 

美白集中护理面膜 改善脸部暗沉 局部色斑 毛孔粗大等问题 面膜内含6片精华小圆片 贴在需要重点美白的位置 比如斑点 痘印和易长斑的位置 等等 哪里不白贴哪里!这些局部的小贴片在敷上面膜后会像溶解了一样变成精华在重点修护



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