LITS WHITE Dot Zero Cream 12G 美白精华


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A beauty cream that contains plant stem cell derived ingredients. Directly cares for worry areas around the eyes and mouth, and makes dryness wrinkles inconspicuous. Improve and repairs dull spot, reduce the formation of melanin, prevent spots and freckles. A handy stick type divided into individual amounts. Use approx. 1 push for the eye and mouth areas.

对于眼下/嘴角/额头等容易暗沉和斑点部位进行改善修复 减少黑色素的形成 预防斑点和雀斑 内含LITS招牌成分植物干细胞精华 以及传明酸 甘草酸等美白成分 传明酸是抵抗紫外线对皮肤伤害 阻碍因紫外线照射而形成的黑色素发生的路径 同时有效淡化肌表斑 短时间内达到透亮匀净效果~ 一支可以使用约60天左右 性价比超高


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