Lohas AlFace+ Cleansing Mask 1 PC [ 2 Types] 日本LOHAS AlFace+名侦探柯南系列面膜




1. ALFACE + x HANNIN (Midnight Black) 

Clearing & Moisture

  • Formulated with hyaluronic acid, tea tree extract, and black bamboo charcoal sheet. 
  • Moisturizing skin with a gentle moisturizing essence. A black sheet containing bamboo charcoal absorbs dirt from pores and keeps your skin bright and supple. 
  • Adsorbs dirt on the skin surface. 
  • Moisturizing ingredients. Protects your skin with fullness. 
  • Skin conditioning ingredients. Smooths your skin, keeps it healthy. 



2. Alface + x Kid The Phantom Thief (White Magic) 

Brightening & Moisture

  • Popular anime "Detective Conan" collaboration face mask! Kid design package! 
  • Contains translucent ingredients such as pearl extract, vitamin C derivatives, and the topic of Madecassoside. 
  • Keep your skin clean and transparent like a kid's white cloak.
  • Brightens your skin. 


3. Alface + x Conan Edogawa (Miracle Turn) 

Aging Care and Moisture 

  • Popular anime "Detective Conan" collaboration face mask! Conan design package! 
  • Contains placenta, hyaluronic acid, rice extract and other ingredients that keep your skin healthy and youthful!
  • For rich moisturized skin. 
  • Has anti-aging ingredients and effects that helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and skin dryness.  



  • After washing your face, spread the mask and bring it into close contact with your face. 
  • About 5-15 minutes, please use according to your skin condition. 
  • Use for 15 minutes, especially if you feel your skin is dry. 
  • After removing the mask, spread the essence remaining on your skin over the entire face.



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