LUCIDO-L High Damage Repair Hair Mask 乐丝朵-L酸热瞬活发膜 200g


LUCIDO-L High Damage Repair Hair Mask

Japanese hair salon-level acid heat care technology, restructures hair texture, improves hair frizz and fluffiness.
Use the heat of irons and blow dryers to boost conditioning results. Strengthens and repairs accumulated damaged hair. Improves hair smoothness, leaving hair beautifully organized. Recommended for those with fine hair.

  • Contains acid heat care ingredients.
  • Contains heat-repairing and anti-heat ingredients to repair hair and protect hair from heat.
  • Gorgeous sweet osmanthus + citrus fruity aroma

How to Use

After washing and drying hair, apply an appropriate amount to the damaged areas and rub it in. After 3 minutes, thoroughly rinse and towel dry before blow drying completely.

*Using heat from a curling iron or straightener can enhance the effect of hair care.

*Made in Japan


日本发廊级酸热护理技术,重整发质 ,改善头发毛燥蓬松。


华丽甜蜜的桂花 + 柑橘果香






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