Lucky Trendy

Lucky Trendy Eyelids Tape 30pairs 日本Lucky Trendy 双面防水无痕双眼皮贴 30对


HHH防水无痕日本Lucky Trendy双眼皮贴双面型隐形自然无痕仙女孩专用彩妆用具HHHHHH防水无痕日本Lucky Trendy双眼皮贴双面型隐形自然无痕仙女孩专用彩妆用具HHHHHH防水无痕日本Lucky Trendy双眼皮贴双面型隐形自然无痕仙女孩专用彩妆用具HHHHHH防水无痕日本Lucky Trendy双眼皮贴双面型隐形自然无痕仙女孩专用彩妆用具HHH

Lucky Trendy Eyelids Tape

It creates natural double eyelid, result in dolly eye.
This double face eye tape can lift up the eyelid so as to make your eyes looks much more rounder and bigger.
You can wear eye-makeup over eyetape afterward.
A stick is attached for easy application.



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