Lucky Trendy

LUCKY TRENDY - Natural Double Eyelid Tape Nude 90 pairs 自然裸色雙眼皮貼(90對)


Product feature:
Inconspicuous due to skin color, which is tapes that blends well with bare skin. Comes with an easy-to-handle special stick, which is easy to use.

How to use:
Wipe off the oil from the eyelids in advance
1. Use the flat tip of the special stick to slowly remove it from the sheet.
2. Place the tape just below where you want to make the lid.
3. Lightly press the tape with the round end of the dedicated stick.


1. 使用特殊棒的扁平尖端慢慢將其從紙張上取下。
2. 將膠帶放在要製作蓋子的位置下方。
3. 用專用棒的圓形端輕輕按壓膠帶。


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