Lucky Trendy Rose Hand Mask 1pair 美白保湿去角质手膜


This hand mask contains 18 beauty essence! It provides outstandind anti-wrinkle, softening, moisturizng, hydrating, exfoliatiing and nourishing functions to your hands, that keeps your hands soft, moisturized, glossy and young.

Moisturizing hand mask is rich in moisturizing essence, nourishing delicate hands, effectively smoothing rough spots and cuticles, and making your hands feel youthful and rich. The moisture-rich gloves are designed to allow the hands to be fully immersed in the nourishing ingredients without spillage. The weekly basic care provides a full range of nourishment for the tired and dry hands.


  • Remove the hand mask from the sealed bag and use the scissors to cut the hand mask along the dotted line.
  • Put the double gloves in.
  • Wait 20 minutes to remove.
  • After the gloves are removed, they do not need to be cleaned with water.
  • The remaining liquid can be wiped on the hands, as long as it is absorbed into the skin to moisturize the hands.


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