LULULUN Cleansing Mild Gel 150g 日本LuLuLun露露伦 温和保湿卸妆啫喱 150g


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LULULUN Cleansing Mild Gel 

The rich, highly elastic gel can grab and remove even the thickest makeup.
Mild gel with improved cushioning and faster makeup removal.

Containing three skincare ingredients to improve skin condition and make you look like lovely without makeup!

A thick gel with increased cushioning properties cleanses your skin without frictional.

The micro-gel structure prevents the makeup removal ingredients from contacting the skin directly, so it gently removes make-up while soothing the skin.

Weakly acidic and oil-free, it can be used for all skin conditions.

MARSturizerTM is extracts derived from microorganisms that live in a harsh environment similar to that of Mars (MARS). It approaches the foundation of the skin to retain moisture, keeping it moist and healthy.

Peach leaf alpha-glucan
A polysaccharide derived from peach leaf, which helps to maintain skin balance, provides elasticity and a smoothness.

Honey extract
An extract from the honey that focuses on soothes and revitalizes the skin, leading to a lively and clear feeling.

How to Use

Spread appropriate amount of the gel all over your face and blend it into your make-up gently and evenly. Then wash away the gel with water.

日本LuLuLun 露露伦 温和保湿卸妆啫喱



  • 温和卸除日常妆、防晒、 皮脂、 污垢
  • 浓厚凝胶质感减低摩擦, 呵护敏感肌
  • 高弹力啫喱减少与肌肤摩擦达58 %
  • 没化妆的日子及植睫毛亦适用
  • 弱酸性、不含酒精/ 油份

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