LuLuLun Lotion (Clear) 500ml 日本LuLuLun露露伦 清透化妆水 (C 水油平衡) 500ml


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LuLuLun Lotion (Clear)

Effective skincare lotion for dryness and sebum with a refreshing texture. Beauty ingredient that leads to healthy skin, it will provide a smooth and clear finish. A light exture lotion maintains the balance of moisture and oil in the skin and keeps the skin greasy shine-free. 

  • 4 key ingredients
    • Peony flower extract
    • Glutamylamidoethyl imidazole
    • Lemon myrtle extract
    • Moisturizing amino acid Derivative


Take plently of loction (a quarter size amount) and apply it to the skin. Repeat it a couple of times. Hold and gently press your face with palm to let the loation permeate into the skin.



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