Lunasol Coloring Grays (4 Rose Mood) 日月晶采 双色腮红盘 (4 玫瑰心情) 5.7g


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Lunasol Coloring Grays

It blends in as if it melts into the skin, and the color is transparent.
A two-color set of cheek colors that blends lustrous colors and light to create a complexion that oozes out and a beautiful, natural three-dimensional effect.

How to Use

  • Take a single color on the brush and gently blend it into the skin.
  • It is recommended to apply A cheek color on the cheeks and B highlight color on the high cheeks.

日月晶采 双色腮红盘



  • 在刷子上取一种颜色,轻轻地将其融入皮肤。
  • 建议在脸颊上涂A腮红,在高脸颊上涂B高光色。


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