LUX Luminique Sakura Dream Shampoo & Conditioner Limited Set 力士 小晶钻樱花无硅油洗发水护发素套装 370g


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LUX Luminique Sakura Dream Shampoo & Conditioner Limited Set

  • Limited season! The fragrance of cherry blossoms (blended with fragrances). For smooth and silky hair
  • Formulated with cherry extract (moisturizing ingredient), it moisturizes and dries in early spring
  • Sales No1 Non-Silicone Series INTAGE SRI Shampoo Conditioner Market October 2022 - September 2023 Share Shampoo Only
  • 100% natural essential oil formula. Ylang Ylang Ylang Oil: Moisturizing ingredients
  • The fine foam with smooth ingredients (squalane) will give you a high-quality experience

How to use
Take an appropriate amount of shampoo in your palms, then shampoo by gently massaging with your fingertips towards the top of your head.

After using the shampoo, take an appropriate amount of the conditioner and apply it all over your hair, starting from the ends, then rinse it off.

If the liquid does not come out easily, tap the bottom of the container from the side.

力士 小晶钻樱花无硅油洗发水护发素套装

  • 季节限定! 樱花的香味(与香料混合)。 打造光滑丝滑的头发
  • 蕴含樱桃提取物(保湿成分),早春滋润干燥
  • 2022 年 10 月 - 2023 年 9 月非硅系列 INTAGE SRI 洗发水护发素市场销量第一 分享 仅限洗发水
  • 100%天然精油配方。 依兰依兰油:保湿成分
  • 细腻的泡沫加上柔滑的成分(角鲨烷)给你高品质的体验





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