Lux 力士

Lux Premium Botanifique Damage Repair Treatment 510G

$18 $22.99
The balm heals, strengthens, restores, and smooths the hair. Botanifique by LUX Premium Damage Repair Treatment nourishes the hair with the necessary vitamins, trace elements, and other nutrients. Makes the hair incredible softs and smooth. The product has a pleasant scent, which gives maximum pleasure during the hair care routine. The balm combines only natural, completely hypoallergenic components. This means it is safe for the care of sensitive scalp. Lotus oil nourishes the hair, keeps it hydrated for all day, tones up, strengthens curls, softens, smoothes, gives strength. Almond oil returns the hair a beautiful shine, makes it obedient, helps to get rid of the split ends. Damask rose makes the hair more elastic, strengthens every strand and protects the curls from the negative influences. Follow with other products of the series.

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