Lux Premium Botanifique Damage Repair Shampoo 510G

Botanifique by LUX Premium Damage Repair Shampoo is an ideal remedy that cleanses, nourishes and recovers the hair. Shampoo perfectly cleanses the hair and scalp from dirt, styling products, and sebum. In addition, it normalizes the water balance, prevents dryness, relieves itching, dandruff, and peeling. If you have the sensitive scalp, an organic shampoo from LUX will be a real revelation for you. The shampoo normalizes the hydro-lipid balance, adsorbs the surplus of sebum, prevents oily scalp. Thus, the curls will look clean, smooth and shiny for as long as possible. Lotus oil and other vegetable ingredients saturate the hair with valuable trace elements and vitamins, makes the hair smooth and manageable.

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