LUX Super Rich Shine Melting Sakura Treatment 力士 樱花柔滑修复护理霜 300g


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LUX Super Rich Shine Melting Sakura Treatment

From the Lux Super Rich Shine series, Sakura exclusive design

  • A gorgeous and fluffy cherry fragrance (fragrance blend) for a refreshing and rich bath time
  • Tenderizer Repair Serum x Dense Repair IngredientsFormulated Formula Arginine, hydrolyzed keratin, and glycerin water solution: moisturizing ingredients. Argan Oil, Tetrahexyl Ascorbate
  • 3 types of special care for hair with spring! For those who are particularly concerned about "spring spasa", this is a limited amount of treatment (tube), hair oil, and hair cream for special care
  • For soft spring hair The moisturizing ingredients stay on your hair for a long period of time, and the hair is soft to the ends

How to Use
After shampooing and conditioner, lightly drain the water, apply an appropriate amount (approximately 2 Muscat-sized grains for medium-length hair) to the entire hair, focusing on the ends, and rinse thoroughly. Even if you rinse it immediately, you can take good care of it. Recommend daily use.

*Made in Japan

    力士 樱花柔滑修复护理霜

        • 来自力士 Super Rich Shine系列,樱花独家设计
        • 华丽蓬松的樱桃香(香精混合),带来清爽浓郁的沐浴时光
        • Tenderizer Repair Serum x Dense Repair Ingredients配方精氨酸、水解角蛋白和甘油水溶液:保湿成分。 摩洛哥坚果油、抗坏血酸四己酯
        • 春天3种秀发特别护理! 对于特别在意“春季水疗”的人来说,这是限量的护理(管)、发油和发霜,以进行特别护理
        • 打造柔软的春季秀发 保湿成分可长时间留在头发上,发尾柔软

        洗发和护发素后,轻轻沥干水分,取适量(中长发约 2 粒麝香葡萄大小)涂抹于整个头发,重点关注发尾,然后彻底冲洗。 即使立即冲洗,也能很好地护理。 建议日常使用。



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