Magico Shisei Supporter Posture Correction Belt [3 Sizes] 日本Magico 矫姿带 (大/中/小)


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This product uses special structure which can bring traction to chest by stretching the back muscles, and prevent excessive stretching of back muscles, thus maintain a graceful posture. Magico Nakayamashiki use light and breathable mesh material, you can wear it comfortably even when it is worn under clothes, it does not affect the appearance. Size is for reference only. Please preferentially refer to waist size if any different conditions occur between height and waist size.


  • Adjustable structure even while wearing posture correction belt.
  • Equipped with two back supporting pads to gently stretch the spine.
  • Comfortable fit with cushion supporters around your armpits.


  • Be sure to wear an undershirt and underwear before applying the belt. 
  • Loop around both shoulders and wrap belt around waist and fasten.
  • Stretch and adjust auxiliary belt to your desired tightness, and wrap it around your waist. *Start wearing about 10 minutes at a time (max 2 hours a day) at the beginning, and as your body gradually gets used to posture correction belt, then extend the time. *Do not forcibly tighten as it may strain the body. 

Washing Instructions: 

  • Hand wash only. Do not squeeze. Hang dry in the shade. Do not use iron, chlorine bleach or fabric softener. Do not wash with light color fabric as it may stain other fabric. 


  • Polyester, nylon, polyurethane, cotton 

Sizes (If the height and waist do not match, fit by waist size): 

  • Small: Height up to 5'1 (155cm), waist circumference up to 25.6 inches (65cm). 
  • Medium: Height 4''11 to 5'5 (150 to 165cm), waist circumference 23.6-33.5 inches (60 to 85cm). 
  • Large: Height 5'5" to 5'-11" (165 to 180cm), Waist cirmference 29.5-39.4 inches (75 to 100cm) 

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