MAMA&KIDS Baby Skin Freshener 妈妈宝贝 婴儿清新净肤喷雾 180ml


MAMA&KIDS Baby Skin Freshener 

For the delicate baby's butt. A wipe lotion that removes dirt without rubbing. After spraying, a moisturizing veil protects the skin and protects the skin from irritation of pee and poop. It can be used by adults and children to clean the mouth and limbs, and as a mist for cleaning women's delicate zones.Toner for delicate baby butts. A toner to wipe off impurities without rubbing. After application, the moisture veil protects the skin and prevents the skin from irritation by stimulus of waste. It can also be used as a cleaner for children and adult to cleanse their mouth, hands, legs and delicate zones.



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