Manara Hot Cleansing Gel Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser 200g 曼娜丽 温热卸妆凝胶


Hot Cleansing Gel (lasts approximately 2 months) is a 2-in-1 makeup remover and deep cleanser. You only need to wash once. Recommended for people with large pores that stand out. It removes makeup and clears up dirt without stripping essential moisture from your skin. Use in a daily cleansing routine to give your skin a smooth finish. The product contains 91.3% beauty ingredients, so your skin will feel moisturized, soft, smooth after use. It can be used when you are wearing eyelash extensions.

Direction for use: 

  • Squeeze a small amount (size of a cherry) into dry palm. Rub the gel on your palms to soften it.
  • Spread the gel onto your face and gently massage in a circular motion. Warm sensation makes pores open and removes blackheads and dirt. Make sure to scrub gently. 
  • Rinse your face with warm water. Make sure to completely wash it off your hairline, side of noise and jaw areas.
  • You don't need to wash more than once. Apply lotion or cream after using Hot Cleansing Gel. *For waterproof mascara, we recommend using partial makeup remover. It can be used with eyelash extensions. 

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