MANDOM Barrier Repair Power of Rice Milk Essence Lotion 180ML


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A beauty lotion that makes your skin plumped and moisturized with its rice milk. Takes care of degraded skin that is dull and has no firmness.

This Barrier Repair skincare series helps get rid of skin tiredness caused by the external environmental factors like stress, climate, and inadequate sleep, and helps restore a healthy balance of skin moisture and sebum level, leaving you a supple and translucent skin with a healthy look.

Containing ingredients derived from brown rice that care for inferior skin "Rice milk complex" (Phytic acid, inositol, rice germ oil capsule, rice bran extract)

  • The effect of rice milk complex:
    -Increase transparency
    -Plump Up
    -Oil moisture balance control
    -Smoothen the skin texture
  • Alcohol free, paraben free, mineral oil free, no fragrance, no coloring, patch tested, stinging tested
    * not all people do not have skin irritation.



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