MANDOM BIFESTA Dual Cleansing Facial Wash 120G


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Containing plant-derived soft fiber*, to create silky smooth skin that is one tone brighter

  • Plant-derived soft fiber* fully captures dead skin cells and tiny dirt residue ingrained in your skin.
  • Creates silky smooth skin that is one tone brighter.
  • Contains both natural orange oil and adsorbent hyaluronic acid as moisture retainers.
  • Rich and thick foam that can be lathered simply by hand washes and retains moisture in the skin.
  • Three items to choose from to suit the finish and functions that you want. * cellulose

Removing makeup and creating bright-toned skin

2-in-1 facial wash that also removes makeup, containing cleansing factor produced from skin lotion. Moisture retaining cleansing agent that quickly lifts and envelopes makeup while protecting moisture and washes your skin.



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