MANDOM BIFESTA Millella Eye & Lip Makeup Remover 曼丹眼唇卸妆液 温和不刺激 145ml

  • This product contains a moisturizing ingredient usually found in skin lotion that has high affinity with oily ingredients of makeup.
  • Thanks to its moisturizing/cleansing ingredients, which quickly "float" and envelop oil-based makeup, you can easily remove eye makeup without rubbing, keeping the eye area fresh and moisturized.
  • Easily and thoroughly removes even waterproof mascara
  • The double effects of the water-based layer, which contains skin lotion-derived cleansing ingredients, and the oil-based emollient layer, realizes quick "floating" of waterproof mascara and eyeliner, which are then enveloped and removed quickly without rubbing. The two types of moisturizing/cleansing ingredients that are gentle on eyelashes and the eye area protect eyelashes and keep the skin moisturized. è¯¦æƒ…页-改-1_03.jpg详情页-改-1_04.jpg详情页-改-1_05.jpg详情页-改-1_06.jpg详情页-改-1_07.jpg详情页-改-1_11.jpg

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