MANDOM Bifesta Makeup Removing Lotion [Moist] 曼丹 美肌速效卸妆水洁肤水 300ml

  • Double-effect moisturizing cleansing factor: Quickly make the cosmetics and dirt deep in the pores float on the surface and wrap it in the center, blending the makeup ingredients, removing makeup and locking the moisture.
  • It can also remove the aging keratin on the surface of the skin, leaving the skin clean and translucent, regaining a smooth and transparent feeling.
  • A complete skin care step of cleansing, cleansing and lotion ; it can also be used as a lotion in the morning to lighten the skin, clean and moisturize.
  • The moisturizing cleansing factor quickly lifts the dirt and removes it completely with a single touch to reduce the friction on the skin.
  • No fragrance, no added coloring, no oil, no alcohol, no parabens, low irritation formula, and through skin allergy test, mild nature, care for the skin.
  • 双效保湿洁净因子:迅速使毛孔深处的化妆品及污垢浮于表面并包裹于中心,揉合化妆水成分,卸妆同时锁水保湿。
  • 可一并抺走皮肤表面的老化角质,肌肤更洁净透亮,重现嫩滑透明感。
  • 一支完成卸妆、洁肤、化妆水三大护肤步骤,无需过水;亦可于早上作化妆水轻抹皮肤,洁净保湿。
  • 保湿洁净因子迅速把污垢浮起,只需轻轻一抹即彻底卸除,减低对肌肤的摩擦。
  • 无香料、无添加色素、无油、无酒精、无苯甲酸酯,低刺激配方,并通过皮肤过敏测试,性质温和,呵护肌肤。



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