Mandom Gatsby Meta Rubber Gloss (Hard) 曼丹 杰士派究强发冻 70g


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Mandom Gatsby Meta Rubber Gloss (Hard)

Hard setting power and matte texture.
Clay that spreads well and can be styled freely.

Metal Rubber Gloss Hard - Medium hold and wet sheen for a sexy, modern style. The effect of wet hair with rich shine. Score on a scale of fixation strength

How to Use

Take a small amount on your finger, stretch it out with your palm.
Apply it to the tip of your hair and the part you want to add movement to. 
Be sure to close the cap after use.

*Made in Japan

曼丹 杰士派究强发冻

日本顶级美发沙龙fifth 监制实现好抓又不黏的究.极造型系列  






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