Mandom Gatsby Perfect Skin Lotion 150ml

Because it is all-in-one, it is completed with one man's skin care

Plenty of moisture with 3 functions. Impression improves with glossy and smooth skin: 

<Toner> Contains 3 types of moisturizing ingredients *. Moisturizes the skin.
<Emulsion> Keeps skin moisturized.
<Essence> Protects and prepares the skin.

Even if your life is disturbed! Skin that is less likely to cause trouble
If the balance of water and oil is lost due to beard shaving, lack of sleep, disorder of eating habits, etc., it may cause dryness, stickiness, and rough skin!
Moisture / oil balance adjustment prescription always keeps healthy skin.

An all-in-one type that can be used widely from those who are concerned about dryness to those who are concerned about stickiness.
The dense lotion penetrates into the keratin and the skin is not sticky after use.
A pleasant and gentle scent of fresh floral.

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