Mandom Lucido Moist Hair Cream 200ml 漫丹 伦士度男士头发滋润乳 200ml


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Mandom Lucido Moist Hair Cream

It gives the hair a natural luster with a light finish without stickiness, and makes it supple.

    • Because it is fragrance-free, it does not leave fragrance on hair.
    • Combines multiple oil components in a well-balanced manner to give dry hair a fresh luster and make it supple.
      • A water-based, non-greasy feel.
      • You can easily wash it off by washing your hair.
    • Fragrance-free

    How to use

    Take an appropriate amount and let it blend in with your hair, then prepare with a comb.

    漫丹 伦士度男士头发滋润乳


    • 不含香精,所以不会在头发上留下香精
    • 均衡地混合多种油脂成分,让干发新鲜光泽又柔顺
      • 水性,没不油腻感
      • 洗头可轻松洗掉
    • 无香料




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