Mapepe Fluffy Cushion Paddle Brush (Large) 日本Mapepe 头皮保健按摩梳子 (大)


Mapepe Fluffy Cushion Paddle Brush (Large)

This comb glides smoothly through the hair. It easily untangles the hair, so it reduces damage caused by tangles, leaving the hair smooth and manageable. The soft cushion has just enough give to help protect the scalp. The gentle curve fits comfortably over the scalp. With round pins that feel good on the skin, you can brush the hair thoroughly without discomfort. The texture is very pleasant to use, with no itching or discomfort.

日本Mapepe 头皮保健按摩梳子 (大)

这种梳子在头发上顺滑滑动。 它很容易使头发散开,因此减少了打结造成的伤害,使头发光滑易处理。 柔软的垫子刚好足以保护头皮。 柔和的曲线舒适地贴合在头皮上。 使用在皮肤上感觉良好,可以彻底刷洗头发而不会感到不适。 质地非常舒适,没有瘙痒或不适感。


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