MAPUTI Organic Fragrance Intimate Soap [New] 日本MAPUTI 私处专用洗护液 新版 120ML


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MAPUTI Organic Fragrance Intimate Soap [New]

MAPUTI soap has been renewed to greatly improve quality.
Contains deodorizing, white skin, and moisturizing ingredients. It uses amino acid cleaning ingredients and is extremely gentle on the skin as it contains mainly naturally derived ingredients. pH value (4.5 to 5.5) as the delicate zone.

The straight pump type makes it very easy to use.
The luxurious design is sure to make your bathroom look stylish.

pH value "around 4.0" for delicate zones
Kill only bad germs and create a living environment for good bacteria.
Particular! During the summer period and menstrual period (front and back) will become stuffy in your underwear, so it is a environment that can cause bad bacteria to grow. During these seasons, be sure to use "soap for the delicate zone".

Gently wash with "amino acid-based cleaning ingredients" that close to the skin.
Formulated with the same weak acidic amino acid based cleaning ingredient as the skin, "Cocoyl Glysine K" and "Potted Coconut Fatty Acid". Removes dirt and leaves skin moisturized.
Contains 13 other types of amino acids! Aspartic Acid, Serin, Prorine, Alanine, Treonine, PCA, Arginine, Valine, PCA-Na, Isoleucine, Hystidine, Glicine, Funnylalanine

Natural Ingredients
This product is a rich formula with natural ingredients as its main ingredients.

*Made in Japan

日本MAPUTI 私处专用洗护液 新版

含有除臭、美白、保湿成分。 它使用氨基酸清洁成分,主要含有天然成分,对皮肤极其温和。 pH值(4.5至5.5)为敏感区。


脆弱区域的 pH 值“约 4.0”
特别在夏季和经期(前后)内裤会变得闷热,是有害细菌滋生的环境。 在这些季节里,一定要使用“娇嫩部位肥皂”。

含有与皮肤相同的弱酸性氨基酸清洁成分“椰油酰基赖氨酸K”和“盆栽椰子脂肪酸”。 去除污垢,让肌肤滋润。
含有 13 种其他类型的氨基酸! 天冬氨酸、丝氨酸、脯氨酸、丙氨酸、曲氨酸、PCA、精氨酸、缬氨酸、PCA-Na、异亮氨酸、组氨酸、甘氨酸、滑稽丙氨酸




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