Maxima Home Esthe Series Aluminium Soft Cap 1pc 日本Maxima 焗油蒸发浴帽 1枚


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Maxima Home Esthe Series Aluminium Soft Cap

The aluminum vacuum-deposited film reflects the heat inside, enhances the heat effect, and allows conditioning treatments or hair dyes to penetrate better,especally for dry hair. 

  • Perfet for dry hair that has been damaged by ironing or bleach and dyeing.
  • When used during hair treatments and coloring, it will increase the penetrating power and enhance the effect.

How to Use

After shampooing, apply the treatment to your hair, put on a cap and leave it for about 10 minutes.
If using it in while having a bath, the steam from the hot water will be transmitted to your head, which is more effective.

    日本Maxima 焗油蒸发浴帽 


    • 适合因烫发或染发而受损的干发。
    • 在护发或染发时使用,可增加渗透力并增强效果。


    洗发后,将护发素涂抹在头发上,戴上帽子,静置约 10 分钟。



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