MEDIHEAL Ocean Black Toning Gel Mask 5pcs/Box 美迪惠尔 深海能量爽肤凝胶面膜 5片/盒


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MEDIHEAL Ocean Black Toning Gel Mask

Amp up your skincare routine with this all-in-one skin prep mask. Nordic Peat Water and Black Pearl brought from the sea to your skin coupled with Niacinamide makes this mask in a sheet just a little more special. 
Whether your skin needs some boost or you're prepping for a special night, this luxurious gel mask takes skin from dull to radiant after just one use. This sheet is made of Coconut Charcoal soaked in a unique blend of ingredients from the sea that will surely leave your skin supple and glassy smooth. Peat Water absorbs excess oil and sebum and Black Pearl smoothens uneven skin tones. 
Key Ingredients
Peat Water | Absorbs excess oil
Black Pearl | Boosts radiance
Niacinamide | Helps even out skin texture

How to Use

After cleansing and/or toning, apply the mask evenly. Relax for 10 - 20 minutes, remove the mask. Lightly pat the remaining essence into your skin until absorbed.
*Made in Korea

美迪惠尔 深海能量爽肤凝胶面膜

使用这款一体式护肤面膜增强您的护肤程序。 北欧泥炭水和从海洋中提取的黑珍珠与烟酰胺相结合,使这款片状面膜更加特别。

无论您的肌肤需要提神或准备度过一个特别的夜晚,这款奢华的凝胶面膜只需使用一次即可让肌肤从暗沉变得容光焕发。 这款面膜由椰子炭制成,浸泡在独特的海洋成分混合物中,一定会让您的皮肤柔软光滑。 泥炭水吸收多余的油脂和皮脂,黑珍珠抚平不均匀的肤色。

泥炭水 | 吸收多余油脂
黑珍珠 | 提升光泽
烟酰胺 | 帮助均匀肤色


洁面和/或爽肤后,均匀涂抹面膜。 放松 10 - 20 分钟,取下面膜。 将剩余的精华轻轻拍打到皮肤上,直至被吸收。



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