MEDIHEAL Sleeping Melting Nose Pack 3pcs/box 美迪惠尔 净白黑头粉刺睡眠鼻贴 3片/盒


MEDIHEAL Sleeping Melting Nose Pack

This innovative sleeping nose pack is a new concept of sebum adsorption removal nose pack that is on another level from the existing nose strips.

Effective for sebum control, pore minimizing, pore cleansing, whitehead and blackhead removal, pore tightening, and more.

Skin Safety Tested. Dermatologist Tested.

Conventional ordinary strip type nose packs are aggressive to remove sebum, and have a lot of irritation to the skin. However, this new concept of sleeping nose pack removes and melts excess sebum without irritation. The sebum in the pores is naturally absorbed and removed.

This sleeping nose pack contains:

Vitamin C derivatives - helps your skin bright and tone up.

Tea Tree - soothes the skin.

Glycolic Acid - controls and removes dead skin cells.

  • Hydrating
  • Tightening
  • Refining

How to Use

  1. Remove the film cover and put it on your clean and dry nose, before going to sleep.
  2. Press it evenly so that there is no air in between the nose pack patch and the skin, adhering to the skin.
  3. Apply for more than 4 hours to maximize the effectiveness & remove it slowly the next morning to reveal a smooth, pore-less looking nose!

*Made in Korea

美迪惠尔 净白黑头粉刺睡眠鼻贴



经过皮肤安全测试。 皮肤科医生测试。

传统的普通鼻贴对皮脂的去除作用较强,并且对皮肤有很大的刺激。 然而,这种新概念的睡眠鼻袋可以去除并融化多余的皮脂,而不会产生刺激。 毛孔中的皮脂会被自然吸收并去除。


维生素 C 衍生物 - 帮助您的肌肤提亮肤色。

茶树 - 舒缓肌肤。

乙醇酸 - 控制和去除死皮细胞。

  • 排毒
  • 爽肤


  1. 晚上洁面后,在肌肤干燥的状态下,撕掉鼻贴膜表面附着的贴后贴在鼻头部位
  2. 为了减少鼻贴膜与鼻部肌肤间的空隙进入空气,请多次按压,确保鼻贴膜与肌肤的密合度。
  3. 敷贴好鼻贴后即可安心入睡。
  4. 次日起床后,摘掉鼻贴后用清水洗脸即可。

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