MEDIHEAL Vitamide Brightening Pad 100 Pads/Box 美迪惠尔 维他命亮白棉片 100片/盒


MEDIHEAL Vitamide Brightening Pad

Get glass skin with this glow-getter pad. Our liposome delivery system provides rapid and deep absorption improving skin's tone and luminosity. Delivers a radiance boost while helping to fight blemishes, skin is left looking bright and clear.

Hero Ingredients:

- Niacinamide 3%: Evens skin tone
- Sea Buckthorn: Brightens, high in Vitamin C with more Vitamin C than an orange
- 7 Sources of Essential Vitamins: Brightens and adds radiance to skin with different forms of vitamins including Retinol

• Improves ruddy skin tone by 58%
 Improves dull skin tone by 10%
 Improves sallow skin tone by 15%
 Improves visible blemishes by 15%
 Improves hidden blemishes by 16%


- Made with Vegan fibers (Micro Perforated 'EcoSilk' Pads)
- Sized (67mm) to cover wide area
- Rounded corners for perfect fit on skin

How to Use

As a treatment mask: apply on targeted areas (forehead, cheeks and chin) after cleansing for an intensive treatment. Leave on for 15 minutes, remove and let the remaining serum absorb into skin.

As a treatment pad: after cleansing, gently swipe across skin to tone, moisturize and prep skin.

Can be used daily both in the AM and PM.


美迪惠尔 维他命亮白棉片

可深层吸收,改善肤色和亮度。 提亮肌肤光泽,同时帮助对抗瑕疵,让肌肤看起来明亮透亮。


- 烟酰胺 3%:均匀肤色
- 沙棘:提亮肤色,维生素 C 含量高,维生素 C 含量比橙子还多
- 7 种必需维生素来源:使用不同形式的维生素(包括视黄醇)提亮肌肤并增添光泽

• 肤色红润改善 58%
• 改善暗沉肤色10%
• 改善蜡黄肤色 15%
• 改善 15% 的可见瑕疵
• 改善隐藏瑕疵 16%


- 采用纯素纤维制成(微孔“EcoSilk”垫)
- 尺寸(67 毫米)可覆盖广阔区域
- 圆角完美贴合皮肤


作为护理面膜:洁面后敷在目标部位(额头、脸颊和下巴)进行强化护理。  15 分钟后取出并让剩余的精华液吸收到皮肤中。





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