Menard Embellir Washing Foam 美伊娜多 安蓓丽灵芝系列 黑灵芝洁面乳 130g


Menard Embellir Washing Foam

Sugar-Wash Ingredients that cleanse skin and leaving the skin supple 
The creamy formula with Sugar-Wash Ingredients, it rapidly lathers into a rich foaming cleanser that gently removes impurities, leaving it supple, fresh and luminous.

Recommended usage: Size of 2 soybeans (1.5g)

How to Use
Apply small amount of cream onto the palms of hands, add water to create a rich lather with spiral movement. Make sure the foam is dense and does not fall from a backhand. Gently massage the creamy foam onto face for about one minute. Rinse with water.

*Made in Japan

美伊娜多 安蓓丽灵芝系列 黑灵芝洁面乳




取少量面霜于掌心,加水打出丰富的螺旋状泡沫。 确保泡沫致密并且不会从反手掉落。 将奶油状泡沫轻轻按摩到脸上约一分钟。 用水冲洗。




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